State License Number License Type View
Alabama MC-22406 Credit License View
Alaska #10000973 Small Loan License View
Alaska 1060298 Alaska Business License View
Arizona CA-0941820 Collection Agency License
Arizona CL-0941799 Consumer Lender License View
Arkansas 5373 Collection Agency License
California N/A Credit Services Organization Registration
City of Buffalo CAG17-10039942 Collection Agency License
City of Chicago 2423199 Regulated Business License
City of New York 2031156-DCA Debt Collection Agency License
City of Tustin 99071937 Business Tax Certificate View
City of Yonkers 9998 Collection Agency License
Colorado 993025 Supervised Lender License
Colorado 993024 Collection Agency License
Connecticut SLC-1396805 Small Loan Company License
Delaware N/A Licensed Lender License
District of Columbia ML1396805 Money Lender
Florida CF9901203 Consumer Finance Company License
Hawaii COLAX-933 Exempt Out of State Collection Agency Registration
Idaho CCA-9719 Collection Agency Registration
Idaho RRL-9720 Regulated Lender License
Illinois 017.022050 Collection Agency Registration
Illinois CI.0004296-H Consumer Installment Loan License
Illinois N/A Credit Services Organization
Indiana N/A Collection Agency License
Indiana N/A Credit Services Organization
Indiana 37151 Loan License
Iowa N/A Debt Collection Notification
Iowa N/A Consumer Credit Code/Assignee Notification
Iowa 88883448 Master Loan Company Registration
Kansas NOT.00226357 Consumer Credit Code Notification
Kansas SL.0026651 Supervised Lender License
Louisiana 1396805 Licensed Lender View
Maryland 04-7613 Collection Agency License
Maryland 02-1615 Consumer Lender License
Maine OCR13981 Consumer Credit Code Notification - General Creditor
Maine SLM14153 Supervised Lender License
Michigan RL-0020928 Regulatory Loan License
Minnesota 40464286 Collection Agency License
Minnesota RL186; MN-RL1396805 Regulated Lender License
Mississippi 1396805 Mississippi Consumer Loan Broker
Missouri 367-19-8013 Small Loan Company License
Montana 1396805 Consumer Loan License
Nebraska CSO Registration View
New Hampshire 21710-SM Small Loan Lender License
New Jersey 15798 Collection Agency Bond
New Jersey 150204 Consumer Lender License
New Mexico 02288 Collection Agency License
North Carolina LB201909100002 Loan Broker Notification
North Carolina 174105 Consumer Finance Lender License
North Dakota CA103124 Collection Agency License
North Dakota MB103125 Money Broker License
Ohio CS.900270.000 Credit Service Organization License
Oklahoma SL008438 Supervised Lender License
Oregon 0442-001-C Consumer Finance License
Oregon CA50215 Collection Agency Registration
Pennsylvania 57274 Consumer Discount Company License View
Rhode Island 20173473DC Debt Collector Registration
Rhode Island 20173474LL Lender License
Rhode Island Loan Broker License 20173475LB
South Carolina SLW1-1396805 Supervised Lender License View
South Carolina N/A South Carolina Consumer Pamphlet View
South Carolina SLW1-1396805 Supervised Lenders License View
South Dakota MYL.3250 Money Lender License
Tennessee 3984/171680 Industrial Loan and Thrift Registration
Tennessee 2086 Collection Service License
Texas 1500053509-153888 Regulated Lender License
Utah N/A Consumer Credit Notification
Utah 9453863-0131 Collection Agency Registration
Vermont LSO-1396805 Loan Solicitation License
Vermont 7177 Licensed Lender
Virginia N/A Credit Services Organization Registration
Washington CL-1396805 Consumer Loan Company License
Washington 603518861 Business License View
West Virginia CSO Registration
West Virginia 2318-9840 Business Registration and Collection Agency
Wisconsin Index #52583 Consumer Act Registration
Wisconsin 3072LC Loan Company License
Wyoming CAB-1158 Collection Agency License
Wyoming SL-3752 Supervised Lender License